Reasons to Rescue

Adopting pets is something that’s very near and dear to my heart.

In my dream world every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.

There are so many benefits to rescuing, such as:

  1. You’re doing an amazing thing!
  2. Most of the dogs have been in a home before and therefore are house trained and socialized (if not a foster home)
  3. They’ve likely already received vaccines/any necessary surgeries (a spay can cost anywhere from $500 and up)
  4. The adoption fee is SO MUCH more affordable than what breeders charge (this money typically goes towards the next rescue's medical costs)
  5. There are millions of homeless dogs/cats waiting in shelters each day to find their forever home that face being euthanized
  6. You can find a dog or cat to fit your personality 
  7. It’s a way to fight puppy mills (and who doesn’t want to fight puppy mills!?) - and FYI, you can find rescue puppies!
  8. Because you’re changing an animals WHOLE world (making it SO much better)
  9. You’re saving a life (literally… and the life who gets to take it’s place in the shelter/rescue)
  10. Because it’s extremely rewarding AND you get the bragging rights!

Need I say more?

The life in a shelter is no life for an animal at all.

People buy puppies and think they will stay puppies forever, only for them to grow up and these people realize they don’t have the time or the money or maybe they’re moving away and it’s too much of a hassle to bring the dog along.

Dogs are a LIFETIME commitment and deserve to have owners who know that and are willing to do that for them. Many animals sit in kennels waiting each day for some one to take them home. They are after all, man’s/WOMAN’s best friend.

Supporting breeders to me is just crazy when there are so many amazing dogs available at a fraction of the cost. Yes, many people want “designer breeds” but if you do your research you can likely find one in the shelter. What most people also don’t know is purebred dogs come with A LOT of genetic health problems which also means higher vet bills. 

Pets can be anything you want them to be with training and lots of love!

What most people also don’t know is that in Canada, shelter animals may be euthanized or “seized” for use in experimentation. This isn’t the case for every where but it does still happen… that’s why you’ll see so many rescues take on dogs from Quebec (high-kill shelters).

Once you’re ready to make the commitment, the first place to start when your looking to adopt is – this website is great! It combines all the available animals for adoptions and allows you to type in your area, age, breed, size, etc. You’ll be able to find your perfect companion!

Happy Rescuing!!


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